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Me S.P.N. Episode 11

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This episode was as lively as ever with regulars Ekwaun and Jay1 joined by D, Corey, and Fred the fellas hold court on some of the hot topics of the day:

  • The newly released NFL schedule! Who has the toughest road to the Super Bowl?
  • NFL Draft thoughts.
  • Who should win NBA MVP honors?
  • The Black Head Coach in NCAA Footbal: MIA

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Another great one hangs’em up!!!!

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Today QB Steve McNair announced his retirement. After a fabulous 13 year run in the NFL it’ll be sad to not see him playing this year, but after all the pounding he took over the years it’s good to see him walk away on his own terms.

The conversations have already begun about whether he will end up in the Hall of Fame. It’s a tough call for me personally, because of all the things he has had to go through, and all the pain he has played through, on respect alone I want to say yes, I know it would be a lock if he had won that Super Bowl against the Rams, but he didn’t.

Definitely a good topic for the next Me SPN episode!!!!

Steeler Q & A

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Interesting Q & A.  What are you thoughts?  What jumps out at you?  The o -line discussion is interesting.

Garrard signs.

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QB David Garrad has signed the richest deal in Jacksonville Jaguars history! A seven year $60 Million dollar deal that is significant for a couple of reasons. In a division full of top notch notch QBs like Peyton Manning, Vince Young, and even an up and coming Matt Schaub the QB position had to be addressed for the long term. After a season where he made it known he was the starter in Jacksonville, for his confidence, it was a good move to reward him with a contract that says ‘You’re our guy!’.

The Steel headed for an up north trip.

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This would be a nice long weekend trip.,-Steelers-headed-to-Toronto-for-preseason?CMP=OTC-K9B140813162&ATT=5

What are your thoughts?