Who should endorse Presidential Candidates?

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Is it too risky for atheletes to voice who they are supporting in presidential elections?  Obviously this is not an issue for retirees as Jerome, Franco and Emmitt Smith have endorsed Barack.  What are your thoughts.  Should they or should’nt they?  Why or why not?


NFL Rule Changes

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NFL Head Referee Ed Hochuli

Every year there are a lot of rule changes in the NFL. Some seem like they should have been in the books for some time. Some on the other hand leave you scratching your head, and asking yourself ‘What are they thinking?’. Here is a quick list of some of the most recent changes to come to the NFL rule books:

1. The defense will now have a defensive player with speakers in their helmet.

2. Force out has been eliminated on receptions. The receiver now has to get both feet down unless he is carried out of bounds by the defender after catching the ball.

3. Teams can defer to the second half when winning the opening coin toss.

4. Field goals and extra points are now reviewable as to whether the ball actually passed through the uprights and over the crossbar.

5. Any direct snap from center that is untouched by the QB will now be considered a live ball. It used to be considered a false start and the ball blown dead.

6. The incidental contact with the facemask 5 yard penalty has been eliminated. Only the serious 15 yards for grasping and turning will be used.

I personally think the field goal, defensive helmet speakers, and direct snap rules are long overdue. They will fit in, and seem like they have been in the books from the beginning. The defensive helmet speaker rule will have an impact on the league, but one that is needed to counter all the rules that seem to favor the offense. The other rules though, the force out and the incidental face mask penalty elimination, could be hard to get used to depending upon how they are interpreted by league officials.

A question, are there any rules you would like to see implemented? Any rules you would like to see stricken from the rule books?

Episode 4: Cheez Headz!

•February 22, 2008 • 1 Comment

The episode I have been waiting for! We break down some of the interesting aspects of the past season, and the season to come.


Episode 4 – Cheeze Headz!


  • Dunk Contest Review
  • James Joint – NFL News
  • Pack Attack – What went wrong?
  • What are Green Bay’s biggest off season needs?
  • Who will start first Aaron Rodgers or Tim Tebow?
  • How will Green Bay finish?

Sad day for me!!!

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One of my favorite players TE Bubba Franks was waived today. I know he has fallen off lately. He’s been hurt, and on the sideline watching. But Bubba is and always will be one of my favorites. I hope he rekindles his fire somewhere.


A huge story out of Green Bay is the placement of the franchise tag on DT  Corey Williams. I was shocked by the move not because as a fan I didn’t want to see Williams remain a Packer, but because lately we haven’t been keeping guys when they start demanding the big bucks. It seems to be pretty clear to me now that GM Ted Thompson is being really selective when it comes to the resigning of players. Almost every contract he has worked since being with the organization, has been on extremely young talent. He will allow an older player to leave if he demands a long term contract, or gets too pricey.

When he first came I was taken back by his moves. But as I started to see our team get younger across the board, I started to appreciate what he was doing. He would trade picks during the draft for multiple later round picks, and I can remember being pretty pissed thinking there are guys on the board that can fill a hole. But he kept on trading, and kept on aquiring solid lesser known players which for the most part have have been very productive. Most of the players selected which are no longer on the team aren’t there there because of injuries, not because he outright blew the pick.

I used to enjoy trying to figure out who the Packers would pick up in the draft. I still look at the team, and try to figure out who I would pick up, but it’s just for fun now because I know when the Packers are on the clock we are going to take the best available player regardless of position, and finally that’s fine with me!!

Suggs and Clark get tagged.

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The Baltimore Ravens have decided to put the franchise tag on OLB Terrell Suggs. Nothing odd about that, right? Well there’s something odd about it to ‘Sizzle’! He says he’s a DE, and wants DE franchise money. What’s the difference you say? How about a little over $800,000! I understand him trying to get that cash, but it’s going to be tough to pull it out. His jersey number is 55. Traditionally a LB number. He is listed as an Outside Linebacker on the teams roster. The last time I remember him being referred to as a DE was up to, and during the ’03 draft, and even then it was Defensive End Terrell Suggs who is projected to be an Outside Linebacker for the Ravens. The base defense run at Baltimore is the 3-4, and he plays OLB in that scheme. Gonna be tough! Maybe he can pull the numbers on every snap, and hope they played him at DE more times than they played him at OLB. Good luck!!


No luck for the Colts in signing TE Dallas Clark, so he gets the tag as well. He will be the second TE tagged so far this year. I definitely can understand this one a lot more than the LJ Smith tagging. Clark is an integral part of the Colts offense, and in my humble opinion one of the top five at his position.

Muhammad let go.

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After 12 seasons as a pro, including three with the Bears, Chicago has cut ties with WR Mushin Muhammad. I have always appreciated the tough play of Muhammad over the years. He may catch on with a team looking for a possession receiver. The Bears didn’t exercise the option to retain DT Darwin Walker making him a free agent as well. They did sign DE Alex Brown to a two year extension though. Which is good news for the Bears faithful.

Allen and Andrews tagged.

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A few more players have been tagged recently. Jared Allen DE for the Chiefs, and Stacy Andrews OL for the Bengals. I can see Allen for sure. He has been a monster the past few seasons, but I was shocked by Andrews. He only has 17 starts under his belt. He isn’t even guaranteed to start in ’08. We’ll see if this move pays dividends in the future.